Upper West - Art Opening If you’ve ever been to Upper West Restaurant, you know that the food is pretty incredible and like most restaurants they offer special events such as an incredible happy hour, tasting evenings featuring brand ambassadors and food pairings as well as art events. Owner Elad Benisti decided to bring art into the restaurant. Upper West is the perfect place to show art with its expansive walls and open and airy main dining room. Three to four times each year, the restaurant switches out the art and hosts a reception for the new artist. On July 20th, Upper West holds an opening for Stephanie Trachtenberg to celebrate a new show featuring her paintings.

Benisti reveals he was first attracted to Trachtenberg’s work by her realistic style and thought it would be a good fit for the restaurant. “I liked her work as soon as I walked into her studio. We have never had this style of painting yet, I think it will make the restaurant look very serious and kind of NY style of sixties.”

The artist has been painting for over forty-five years. “I’m very excited to show my work at Upper West,” says Trachtenberg. “It’s a great opportunity for my artwork to have exposure to the to the world. I have always wanted to share it and this is a very accessible way for people to see it.

Trachtenberg takes her art quite seriously painting everyday. She explains, “When I stand before a blank canvas I am fearful and exhilarated. As I enter the canvas and begin to discover the essence, I also enter a transcendent state. When I’m working on a piece that takes an extended period of time, I often feel a sense of accomplishment and continuity with each session. When a work is completed I initially feel elated and happy. And then exhausted and emptied. Then after awhile my energy and enthusiasm return anticipating a new beginning.”

Curator Gino Paino talks about the upcoming show. ”In Art, the spectator is always waiting for a surprise around the corner, well this is the surprise, we had a long run of Talented Abstract Painters, all of them wonderful artists and now we come with a twist, a sober and intentionally elegant collection, mostly focus on dramatic Male figures painted with great care and refined technique.”

The opening reception takes place on Sunday, July 20 from 4-7pm at Upper West (3321 Pico Blvd. in Santa Monica). The exhibit runs through mid November. For more info about he artist, see http://www.passionaterealist.com For more info on the restaurant, see https://www.theupperwest.com